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Guide For Blood & Glory: Legend


It won't take long to find that the Empire in Blood and Glory: Legend is a hazardous place, what with every one of the warriors out to cut and stick the diversion's saint. Go into fights ill-equipped, and you should arrange the character's burial service, or at any rate, hope to restart. All things considered, this Blood and Glory: Legend tricks and tips guide will keep you alive, even against the most terrifying foes.

Oust The Emperor With More Rubies (Credits) And Coins

This being a freemium diversion, Blood and Glory: Legend gives you a chance to get a leg (more like a sword) up on your rivals through in-application buy, where you can stock up on both rubies (Glu Credits on Android) and coins.

Rubies (Credits on Android)

40 Rubies: $1.99

100 Rubies: $4.99

260 Rubies: $9.99

640 Rubies: $19.99

5,200 Rubies: $99.99


2,000 Coins: $1.99

5,000 Coins: $4.99

13,000 Coins: $9.99

32,000 Coins: $19.99

260,000 Coins: $99.99

Score Free Rubies

Like most Glu Mobile recreations, there's an open door in Blood and Glory: Legend to acquire free Rubies/Credits, however a few alternatives are more troublesome and expensive than others. Here's a little testing of approaches to snatch free pearls.

Turned into a fanatic of Blood and Glory Legend on Facebook: 2 Rubies

Agree to Netflix: 340 Rubies

Yippee! Dream Football (Join a group): 20 Rubies

Subscribe to Disney Movie Club: 408 Rubies

Acquire Daily Rewards

Return every day to gather the Blood and Glory: Legend Daily Reward. It may not add up to much, but rather you ought to never turn down free coins.

Note: You'll get higher esteem prizes the more days you return.

Spend Skill Points Wisely

As you play Blood and Glory: Legend and step up the saint, you'll win Skill Points that go towards his Attack, Block and Health details. All things considered, attempt to evade just expanding one of these properties. As it were, don't spend them all on Health, since it'll take significantly longer to crush the hardest adversaries, as you neglected to support the Attack aptitude. Rather, attempt and adjust things as needs be.

On that note, you can buy five additional Skill Points for $0.99 whenever.

Finish Challenges For Bonus Rewards

These in-diversion accomplishments let you get profitable prizes, so dependably remember them. These range from utilizing nine Specials as a part of any level to utilizing an assault mixture, whereupon which you remain to pick up rubies and coins. On that note, you just have a restricted measure of time to finish the present rundown of difficulties.

Consider Double Rewards

Winning a battle brings about prizes, similar to experience focuses (XP) coins and rubies. You can build these prizes, yet it'll cost $0.99.

Battle: Anticipating Attacks

The way to winning fights includes foreseeing a foe's assault and after that maintaining a strategic distance from it all together. Amid play, you'll see one right and one remaining bolt on both sides of the screen. Press and hold the left bolt to avoid assaults from the left, and do likewise with the correct bolt when assaults originate from the privilege. At that point, when incited, irately slice the screen in an assortment of bearings to assault the rival.

Blocking Attacks

Amid a battle, make note of the shield symbol on the base of the screen. Squeezing and after that holding this catch gives you a chance to square approaching assaults, however there's a catch. Blocking effectively exhausts the shield meter, and you won't have the capacity to utilize it once the counter achieves zero, which is the essential motivation behind why it's vital to update the Block ability.


By a long shot the most troublesome ability to learn, repelling gives you a chance to redirect an assault and strike the foe. To do this, swipe the other way of the adversary's assault.

Transcendent Strikes

Sidestep more than 60 percent of an adversary's assaults (utilizing either Block, Dodge or Parry), and you'll trigger a Glorious Strike, which brings about basic harm on your rival. You'll know there's an opportunity to actuate a Glorious Strike when a directional bolt shows up on screen. At the point when that happens, first swipe in that heading, then unleash a flood of harming strikes.

Keep in mind About Special Attacks

Some of the time, you'll be on the ropes sticking to a fragment of wellbeing as some larger than usual animal undermines to club the legend into mush. This is the point at which you ought to fall back on a Special Attack as a final desperate attempt to turn the tide. As you'll soon see, avoiding, blocking and assaulting fills the Special Attack meter on the lower right. Filling it past specific levels brings about one of three Specials, recorded beneath; simply press the catch to actuate.

Unique 1: Stun the foe, in addition to harm.

Unique 2: Stun the foe, in addition to 2x harm.

Unique 3: Stun the foe, in addition to 3x harm.

Special necklaces Contain Magic Power

Essentially, you can prepare up to three special necklaces before heading into fight. There are 10 various types, and they all accomplish something else. Remember that in spite of the fact that the designers give you one opening for nothing, the other two special necklace spaces cost 30 rubies each.

Note: Amulets can be redesigned up to three circumstances, and you'll open the greater part of special necklaces by achieving distinctive levels.

Sorts of ornaments incorporate...

Mixture Upgrade: Attack and piece elixir clock now 10 seconds.

XP Bonus: XP income in addition to 10 percent.

Uncommon Damage: Special assault harm in addition to 10 percent.

Superb Strike: Glorious Strike daze of 3.5 seconds.

Drain: Each fruitful assault makes the foe drain five harm for each second.

Prepare Potions

Like special necklaces, you can raise to three elixirs into a battle, yet there are just three to browse.

Wellbeing: Restores wellbeing.

Assault: Double harm.

Piece: Halves stamina harm.

Look out For The Caravan

Play Blood and Glory: Legend sufficiently long, and the troop will show up on the world guide. Why is this critical? Since it'll give you a free thing. An elixir, for example.

Continuously Seek To Upgrade Equipment

Blood and Glory: Legend accompanies a stuffed Store loaded with various weapons, shields and bits of protective layer. Foes just develop more hard to beat the further you advance. That is, unless you spend coins and rubies to furnish the saint with the finest rigging. Simply search for green and red bolts beside sought things. Green implies that specific thing is more grounded than what's right now prepared, while red flags that it's weaker.

Blood and Glory Miscellaneous Tips

Foes additionally have extraordinary assaults, assigned by shading. Orange means it can't be blocked, while white means it can't be avoided. Respond likewise.

You can restore in the wake of losing a battle, however it costs two rubies.

There are three Super Combos in the diversion. Check the Options menu to discover how to execute them.

Glu Mobile will tell you, before a fight, if a foe has predominant rigging. From that point, you can redesign before engaging.

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